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Lincoln Museum of Kentucky
Hodgenville, Ky.
The Lincoln Museum is Kentucky's official Lincoln Museum, and is situated three miles from his birthplace in LaRue County, Ky. The museum wanted a site that would promote the museum, provide tour and membership information. The site I created for them was designed to be both attractive and fast loading. Click on the thumbnail for the screenshot, or click here to view a live copy of this Web site.

Mike Purchis Photography
Elizabethtown, Ky.
Mr. Purchis wanted a Web site to highlight is successful wedding and photography business. He sought an elegant site that would showcase his work and provide potential customers a portfolio of his work. For his home page, I created a menu system that would change the image displayed in the golden-framed artwork next to the site navigation. As the mouse pointer is moved over each link, one or more of his images show up in the frame. Mr. Purchis was delighted with the site, and the site was honored with an award during the annual meeting of the Professional Photographers of America. Click on the thumbnail to view a screenshot, or click here to view a live copy of the Web site.

Wallace Realty
Elizabethtown, Ky.
Steve and Sandy Wallace had more than 45 years combined experience in real estate, and they wanted a site that reflected both their personalities and their dedication to customer service. He also had three requirements for the site: 1. It must include his clan tartan (the plaid pattern that denotes his Scottish heritage); 2. It must include his family crest, and ; 3. The site must include an image of My Old Kentucky Home State Park, and play the state song. The site I created also incorporated their real estate listings that were part of the database of listings on the Central Kentucky Homes Web site. The design I created exceeded their requirements, and the Wallaces were delighted. Click on the thumbnail to see a screen shot, or click here for a live copy of the Web site.

Vista Homes
Elizabethtown, Ky.

James E. Bramblett and Fred Bramblett have been building homes for more than 30 years. Their company, Vista Homes, wanted a Web site to promote the sales of lots and homes in a subdivision they were developing. I designed the logo and navigation to match their promotional materials, and included all their available house plans and a map of available lots. The site was linked to other real estate and auction sites developed for companies owned by J.E. Bramblett. Click here to visit a live copy of the Web site.

Harry D. Callicotte, attorney at law
Radcliff, Ky.

Mr. Callicotte wanted a professional, informative Web site to educate potential clients about the services his office offered. Working closely with his office manager, I created a site that surpassed their expectations. I also created banner ads that were strategically placed within the market's top Web site. The site's "Ask The Lawyer" and "Legal Q&A" pages proved to popular with visitors, and generated a number of clients soon after the site was launched. Click on the thumbnail to see a screen shot, or click here for a live copy of the Web site.

Trifab & Construction Inc.
Elizabethtown, Ky.

The Trifab site was created to be an online brochure for this tank construction company. They provided the photos and the copy, along with the desire to have a specific graphic worked into the site. I took the blueprint diagram they provided and used it in the site's background. The site's navigation buttons are translucent to allow the blueprint to show through. The site exceeded the expectations of the company owners. Click on the thumbnail to see a screen shot, or click here for a live copy of the Web site.

Central Kentucky Homes
Elizabethtown, Ky.

This Web site is a real estate database serving the Central Kentucky area. CKHomes.com had been online for a number of years and was in need of an update to allow access to new features added to the database. During the redesign I added content and links to build up the site. One of the most successful parts of the new design was adding realtors' logos to the home page. This change alone resulted in a number of new clients and a surge in listings in the CKHomes datalbase. Click on the thumbnail at right to view the completed home page.

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